The Second Inning

6.4 IMDB Score
720 P
1 hr 24 min

The Second Innings revolves around the pandemic and its psychological and physical influences on the families in particular and societies at large. Brij Mohan Pandey wants to live his life to the hilt, so what if he is a senior citizen. Generation gaps unfold their natural behaviors. Pandey Ji is checked continuously by his sons and daughters-in-law at the time of the Corona crisis, frustrating his aims and aspirations, leading him to a point of psychological breakdown. Finally urging him to make unexpected decisions. "Life begins at 60" MADI Film Productions'

  • Director
    : Chris Milewski
  • Casting
    : Andrea Autullo, Jeffrey Voice, Chiara Pavoni
  • Production
    : Digiflex
The Second Inning

The Second Inning Episodes

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